France Family Tour

9 Days Tour in France

Tour Overview

France is filled with a world of wonder that will inspire the entire family on your custom tailored France Tour for families. The gargoyles of Notre Dame de Paris decorate the rooftops and watch over the banks of the Seine River. Parisians lounge at café tables, enjoying the small pleasures of the day. The gardens at Giverny erupt with colors, immaculately captured by Monet. Turquoise water brushes against the shores of Omaha Beach in Normandy. The sensational history of France created a world famous culture that decorates the streets of Paris and the natural beauty of Normandy.

Tour Highlights

  • Discover the magnificence of Chateau de Versailles, from the gilded halls to the elaborate expansive gardens
  • Witness the colorful charms of Monet’s House and the picture-perfect garden in Giverny, which inspired the painter daily
  • Indulge in the celebrated flavors of France with a cooking class that teaches the entire family how to prepare the family’s favorite traditional French dishes
  • Explore the unique landscape and memorable medieval streets on the island of Mont Saint-Michel off the coast of Normandy
  • Traverse the winding bike lanes of Paris for a stunning panorama of the city, taking in the Eiffel Tower and the Arc de Triomphe
  • Wander through the maze-like galleries of the Louvre Museum in search of ancient treasures and artifacts, from the Mona Lisa to the Rosetta Stone

Tour Itinerary

Day 1: Paris | Arrive in France’s Enchanting Capital City
Day 2: Normandy | Explore the Grandeur of Versailles and Monet’s Gardens
Day 3: Normandy | Visit Mont Saint-Michel and Tour Les Vergers de Ducy Orchard
Day 4: Normandy | See the Bayeux Tapestry and Private Tour of Omaha Beach
Day 5: Paris | Enjoy the Storybook Streets of the Fishing Village of Honfleur
Day 6: Paris | Discover the Eiffel Tower and Enjoy Exploring Paris at your Leisure
Day 7: Paris | Tour Paris by Bike and Delight in a Private Cooking Class
Day 8: Paris | Marvel at Paris’s Variety of Museums, Boutiques, and Landmarks
Day 9: Paris | Depart for Home

Day 1: Family in Paris

Meals (-, -, dinner)

Paris is a majestic city, brimming with familiar landmarks and captivating culture. Sacre Coeur crowns the hill of Montmartre. The Eiffel Tower marks the gateway to the Champs du Mars. The River Seine divides the city between the opulent Right Bank and the bohemian Left Bank. Houseboats wade in the River, moored to the cobblestone walkways lining the banks. Your private transfer greets you at Charles de Gaulle International Airport upon your arrival. The city brims with life. Parisians sit in cafes and sip espresso, watching passersby resume their day.

Boutique shops line the wide avenue of Rue de Rennes, displaying hand-sewn bags and distinctively designed clothing. The Pantheon rises out of the Latin Quarter with grace. There are 18 Corinthian columns that adorn the façade. The structure was erected in the 18th century under the patronage of King Louis XV. The neoclassical style recalls the elegance and immortality of antiquity. Today, the interior of the Pantheon acts as a memorial to the accomplishments of France’s most influential citizens.  Beneath the main dome, the family can see where Foucault’s pendulum, the device that proved the theory of earth’s rotation, was demonstrated.  Your private transfer escorts the family to your stunning accommodation near the remarkable grounds of the Palace of Versailles. Consider reading some of our travelers’ France reviews to further refine and perfect your ideal France itinerary for you and your family.

Day 2: Palace Grounds and Lavish Gardens

Meals (breakfast, lunch, -)

In the morning, the aroma of freshly baked brioche emanates from the local bakeries. Tables sit outside small cafes and fill with people indulging in their morning espresso before work. Your private guide meets you at the hotel and escorts you to the gates of Versailles. The kids marvel at the real-life grandeur standing before them. The palace was erected in the 17th century as a hunting lodge for Louis XIII and encompasses an area of 721,182 square feet. The opulent lifestyle of the noble past returns to life when the family strolls through the gilded halls of the palace. The Hall of Mirrors is inspiring, glittering with light and gold leaves.

The room is more than 239 feet long and ordained with 17 large mirrors. The sunlight pours through the window and shines off the reflective surfaces through more than 300 mirror segments. Crystal chandeliers dangle from the ceiling and gilded statues border the hall. The gardens of the palace are equally impressive, filled with trimmed shrubbery, manicured lawns transformed into geometric patterns, and 50 stunning fountains, covering a total area of 56 acres. The Apollo Fountain was constructed in the 1630s and represents the god on his chariot carrying the sun. Water sprays around the horses, adding mist to the sky and a halo around the pool.

Day 3: The Famous Mount

Meals (breakfast, lunch, -)

In the morning, the kids take pleasure in the sweet aroma of a chocolate brioche displayed in the windows of the small bakeries around town. You enjoy the rich taste of a freshly brewed espresso. After breakfast, you make your way to Mont Saint-Michel to find the island towering above the rippling sands off the coast of northwestern France at low tide. The water varies nearly 46 feet between high and low tide. Monks settled the island in the 6th century in search of solitude. A modern bridge connects the mainland to the island. Gothic architecture encircles the landscape. The aroma of stewed mussels in garlic and cream emanates from the small restaurants on the main street.

Men dressed in medieval costume cook traditional omelets and beat the pans to a rhythm echoing across the town. The abbey was erected over the remains of the Romanesque church. The history is impressive and encompassing. The 15th-century cannons face the Mont’s outer wall. The spire of the abbey crowns the island. Walking through the stone halls takes you along preserved but barren Gothic rooms. The family is eager to enter the foundations. The light flickers softly. The air is damp and cool. A giant tread-wheel remains, an instrument that once carried supplies and stones from the landing below.

Day 4: Images of Bayeux

Meals (breakfast, -, dinner)

The scent of the English Channel is eminent in the breeze. The golden shores of Normandy’s beaches shine in the drifting sunlight. The water shimmers turquoise. After breakfast, the family travels to Bayeux to witness the remarkable history told on the Bayeux Tapestry. The embroidered cloth is 230 feet long and 20 inches tall, depicting the historical events leading up to the Norman conquest of England. The tales told on the cloth are picture books of history, weaving tales of wonder and strength, courage and truth through 50 separate scenes.

The designs are embroidered, telling the events from 1064-1066, beginning with Edward the Confessor sending Harold Godwinson to Normandy. The tapestry even shows Halley’s Comet, which was a foreboding omen in the Middle Ages, sweeping across the sky. The detail of the tapestry, along with its sensational size, is gripping. The kids marvel at the depiction of the Battle of Hastings. Knights on horseback race across the landscape to victory. You continue to Omaha Beach on the shoreline of Normandy, where the United States 1st Division landed to begin the Allied invasion of Europe during World War II.

Day 5: The Wonders of a French Village

Meals (breakfast, -, dinner)

In the morning, the wake brushes against the gold-sand shores of Normandy’s beaches. The small waves break against the French coastline. The breeze blows gently and carries the semi-sweet aroma of the English Channel. After breakfast, you make your way to Honfleur, a picturesque fishing village dating back to the 11th century. Two-story stone houses with low sloping roofs frame the waterfront on one side. Slate-topped houses with wooden facades line the opposite side of the marina. The architecture and ambiance of the town whisks the entire family into a storybook. Fishing boats line the marina.

The tall masts wade in the water’s soft sway. On Saturdays, the sleepy atmosphere turns vivacious in the marketplace. The city sits at the mouth of Seine River, bringing goods from around the land and sea. Fragrant strawberries brighten the stands. Pungent cheeses are displayed to great local fanfare. The kids delight at the colors and sample the fresh array of fruits. Artisan farmers from throughout Normandy showcase their delectable treats, from apple juice to cider. The aromas carry down the narrow lanes. Civic gardens border the estuary until the river reaches the beach. On the hillside, the outline of Notre-Dame de Grace chapel overlooks the town and provides an exceptional view of the Seine.

Day 6: The Beauty of Paris

Meals (breakfast, -, -)

Parisians know when to move fast and when to take their time and enjoy the pleasures of the day. In the morning, the scent of freshly baked macaroons drifts down the cobblestone streets of central Paris. Rumors of the unforgettable flavor of decadent hot chocolate from Café Angelina, Audrey Hepburn’s favorite café in Paris, filter through the crowds of the city. After breakfast, the family ventures on a short walking tour to visit the Eiffel Tower. The tower is now a landmark that connotes the elegance and beauty of the city. It was erected in the late 1800s as an entry gate to the World’s Fair located in the Champs du Mars.

The tower stands 984 feet tall. The crisscrossing wrought iron contains three distinct shades to compliment the Parisian sky. From the top floors of the Parisian icon, you can see the exceptional cityscape of the city. The remainder of the day is at the family’s leisure to discover the splendor of the city. The Champs Elysees is the iconic wide avenue of the city, shaded with grand trees growing along the walkways. The Place du Concorde shapes the lower part of the boulevard. The Arc de Triomphe crowns the upper section. The tea salon in the lavish 18th-century patisserie shop of Maison Laduree mirrors the exquisite décor of Tiffany and Co.

Day 7: The Essential Flavor of Paris

Meals (breakfast, lunch, -)

The bike lanes of Paris weave more than 270 miles throughout the city. Parisians glide underneath the shade of the trees sprouting along the lanes of Tuileries Garden. The column of Colonne de Juillet commemorates the Bastille prison, rising 167 feet high, and adorned with a gilded winged figure of Liberty. After your morning bike tour, a guide who understands the delicate intricacies of the French market and delectable French cooking meets the family at the hotel. The markets brim with celebratory activity. Vivacious tomatoes are on display. Bright, citrusy raspberries spill out of the boxes.

The marketplace is a unique environment in of itself. You enter the kitchen to find the ingredients set up for the family along a private island. Your chef explains a brief history of French cuisine and its foundations in international cooking. The sweet aroma of almond flour rises out of the bag. The elements to create a perfect macaroon overtake the family’s cooking space. The kids are excited to make the light and flavorful pastry. You mix the egg whites and flour together, blending the exact amount of chocolate and vanilla. After baking, the colorful and tasty concoction is complete. The family bites into their creations and savor the delicious moment.

Day 8: Labyrinthine Exhibits

Meals (breakfast, -, dinner)

In the morning, the Parisians venture to Le Centre Commercial on the Rue de Marseille. The large space contains an organized array of French fashion, from bags to shoes, jackets to pants. After breakfast, the family sets out to discover the endless splendor of the Louvre Museum. The structure was built in the 12th century as a fortress and today displays nearly 35,000 artifacts, ranging from prehistory to the 21st century. You enter the museum through the glass pyramid, taking the escalators into the naturally lit salon.

The controlled, cool climate of the museum helps maintain the integrity of the objects out in the open. Venture below the museum’s main floor to see the early foundations. The medieval walls are visible, supported by massive stone bricks. The kids are eager to see the Rosetta Stone, a late 18th-century discovery that led to the deciphering of ancient hieroglyphs. The stone was created in the 2nd century BC and contains script written in three different languages, including Ancient Egyptian.

You continue through the maze of galleries to find the painting Liberty Leading the People. With a wide spectrum of art and artifacts, you could spend multiple days attempting to see all of what the Louvre has to offer. Artist Eugene Delacroix created the painting in 1830, depicting a courageous woman holding the French flag during the French revolution. The realist portrayal of liberty was a rallying cry to the people. The large proportions of the painting make it the centerpiece of the hall.

Day 9: Family Heart in Paris

Meals (breakfast, -, -)

In the morning, the light glints off of the Seine River. The streets of Paris return to vivacious life. Cafes fill with the aroma of freshly dripped espresso. Bakeries open their doors to eager Parisians in search of a warm brioche. Trees shade the cafes and shop windows of Boulevard Saint-Germain. Les Deux Magots once hosted the celebrated creative types of Picasso and Hemingway. At breakfast, the kids take advantage of the chance to nibble on sweet pastries and hot chocolate. The beauty of the city wraps around you one last time. The elegant point of the Eiffel Tower provides the picturesque image of the city. After breakfast, your private transfer meets the family at the hotel and escorts you to Charles de Gaulle International Airport for your flight home.

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